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Make Money From Home. Literally.

Why Choose SanDBnB?

Full Service

We are focused on increased bookings for your property and provide any maintenance for all of your management needs!

Innovative Solutions

We meet all property owners’ needs and guarantee not only that you will make great money with us, but that you will also find our management efficient, responsible and hassle-free!

Fresh Ideas

We appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the ways we stand out!

Hosting Options


San Diego is a hub for tourists and visitors from all over the world. Hotels and Vacation Rentals are abundant, but aren’t always enough! Many people want to meet and interact with you! We give you the opportunity to be a SUPERHOST. We provide a brief consultation on short term vacation rentals, find out your preferences, make your spare rooms vacation rental ready, and then match visitors with you according to your preferences. You live in your home and interact with guests as much as mutually agreed upon!

Our Host

Our SanDBnB vacation rentals are offered in a variety of ways. If you are do not want to convert your entire home into a vacation rental, we have qualified Experience Experts that will serve as over night hosts and maintain the house with greater ability to protect and regulate. We also offer this method in off peak season to gather additional bookings for you.

Full Service
Vacation Rentals

We manage your vacation rental from start to finish; in busy season and beyond, we never stop marketing. We assign one of our local community experts to provide in-person greetings for your guests, provide decorative advice or interior design, photography, answer all guest communication, manage booking, cleaning and can handle anything else your guests may need. We are entirely full service and offer less stress for you while earning you more.